Modern Website Architecture Overview In AWS

Modern Website Architecture Overview In AWS

I have recently launched a new website snapvocab on the AWS cloud. This hands-on experience allowed me to practice what I learned in the AWS Cloud Developer Certification. After long hours working on it - more than I expected, I can tell you it was worth it. Nothing can ever replace having our hands dirty!

From a functional point of view, it is simply a CRUD application that allows a user to manage a list of words with a paid plan. On the technical side, my goal was to leverage AWS services to go live as soon as possible and at a lower cost.

Snapvocab Application Architecture Serverless.png

Main design choices:

  • Serverless because who wants to manage servers? ;-)
  • Stripe, as a payment platform, because of its "no-code" modules that allow to start quickly and accept payments manually.
  • Direct access to the database from the browser for simplicity.
  • Amplify UI to handle authentication flows seamlessly with Cognito.
  • CDK for provisioning the cloud resources with a programming language.